‘DRIVING AROUND TASMANIA’ is a 20-page ebook (PDF) of our notes from driving around Tasmania. We created it to help you fast-track your travel plans.

It will save you tens of hours searching online (maybe 100s if you are an over-researcher like Kirsty!) and will kick-start your trip driving around the state.

It’s the stuff we share with our  friends when they ask  ‘What did you guys do in Tassy? Got any tips?’

This summary will help you put your plan together quicker! And get the most out of your trip. Because, really, who has the annual leave to waste on crappy travel days?


  • Photos to get you INSPIRED
  • Details on our 3-week ROUTE
  • Our topline STATS (*think Kms, diesel costs, 4WD shipping cost)
  • Our HITS & MISSES (*to help you get the most out of your trip)


$7.99 AUD







Is this eBook for you?  This is not for you if you want an encyclopaedia style comprehensive guide (they already exist!) This is for you if you are looking for a short-cut to getting the lay of the land that helps you kick-start to your  plans to drive around Tasmania.

How to purchase? Click Buy Now. Process payment. And the eBook will be delivered to your inbox with a link to download it. Need help getting your copy?

Where do the $ from the book go? The small amount of money collected self-funds this website. Paying for the annual domain and hosting fees so we can keep it live well after our expedition from Sydney to London, across Africa has come to an end. We love keeping the site live – thank you for your support :-)


IMG 9848


IMG 9351


$7.99 AUD



IMG 0315 001

IMG 0280

IMG 0017



IMG 9257

IMG 9761



IMG 9929



$7.99 AUD




  • How good was the fire when you lit the pyre?

  • One word Au-some
    pics explain the experience you have….

  • Your website and 4WD mod is awesome. Yeah, I know. You know. :D We just bought a grand vitara and are making a platform and some minor mods so we can sleep in it and I found your site. I was starting to think I would NEVER find much online from other people doing similar and much more interesting mods. AND our first multi week stay will be in TASMANIA. How lucky can a girl get? Thank you so much for sharing your experience online. Will be reading and watching with much interest from now on. Cheers :)

    • Thanks so much Anette! Great to have you around the site! So glad that you found us.

      If you are interested in interesting mods a great site is – a site that brings together heaps of 4WD expeditions and their vehicle conversions. Some shabby, some unreal!

      Awesome to hear the Tassy guide will come in handy. The free camps that stick in my mind are Lake Parangana and Bay Of Fires area.
      Have an awesome trip! See you around the site :-)

  • Pawel Says

    Hi Kirsty and Gareth! great info!
    Do you think 4wd is essential or a van would suffice? I am thinking of hiring a van in Launceston for 2 weeks.

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