HELLO + WELCOME to an extra special post where we would love to share with you a great small company making excellent 4WD gear that is supporting the Aussie Overlanders expedition. Who?  True Blue Outdoors.

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True Blue Outdoors is an Aussie company run by an Aussie bloke who is 100% behind the Aussie Overlanders expedition.

We first heard of True Blue Outdoors canvas products about twelve months ago at a 4WD show. We reached out and they were one of the very first companies to get behind the expedition. Legends.

In the final days before hitting the road – once we knew our layout and final needs – the finishing touches were put on the expedition vehicle by True Blue Outdoors. They have kitted us out with a range of tough canvas gear to keep everything organised while on the road.



Here’s a look at the gear and how we are using it.

– Rear Wheel Bag (Click to purchase)

The rear wheel bag is a huge winner for us. It has fast become one of our most used bits of kit. Always offering a spot to either stash a garbage bag, fire wood or ‘whatever’. It’s made from 500 gram canvas (tough!), military buckles and is one of the largest bags on the market. We highly recommend it. It’s also worth saying that the bag is definitely green – it’s just been dusted up to look a little lighter in these photos after some off-roading through the Victorian High Country!


IMG 8929



IMG 5720

IMG 5721

IMG 5719


– Cargo Barrier Bag Medium + Large (Click to purchase)

We have them mounted these bad boys to our rear window barriers however they would be perfect for cargo barriers. Wide velcro fastens the flaps and you can fit so much in.


IMG 5684

IMG 5690


– Canvas Organisers (Click to purchase)

These were custom made for our fit-out and are now available in-store. They can be mounted to the back of chairs or flat surfaces (like we have). These organisers help MASSIVELY to keep us organised. They are our ‘stash spots’ for things we use regularly and don’t want to have to do a mad scramble for. Suncream. Mozzie spray. Sanitiser. Tooth Paste. Head Torches.  Etc etc etc.


IMG 5661

IMG 5723


IMG 5713



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We can say first hand that the gear is TOUGH and excellent quality. From the canvas fabric through to the stitching. We are very proud that our (over-loved) vehicle is rolling around with this schmick and strong True Blue Outdoors gear.

If you are interested the guys have an online store at www.trueblueoutdoors.com.au that can deliver straight to your front door.

We are big fans.



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  1. Ronald johnson says:

    for starters i think what have done to the old girl is amazing not any wasted space and the true-blue bags and stuff is cream on a lovely cake I follow all your postings as it is a dream I wanted to do now to many ales to
    do so .{keep up the good work }

  2. Kirsty - Aussie Overlanders says:

    Thanks Ron! What a legend you sound to be.
    Love your analogy of the True Blue Outdoors gear being cream on a lovely cake. We have really been shooting for our dream vehicle… a labour of love and great frustration.
    Keep commenting! We love hearing from you

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