HELLO + WELCOME to the regular Wrap Up of what’s been happening as we drive our way from Sydney to old London town, via the guts of Africa.

It’s day 39 on the road and we’ve been making tracks since our last Wrap Up. We have our feet firmly back on mainland Australia and are still settling into life on the road.

It’s Kirsty here with the Wrap Up today. Here’s what has been happening.

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Our mugs have made the front cover of Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Magazine. We found out in the middle of Little Desert National Park when one of G’s best mates text him a photo of our spread. We (quite literally) began jumping up and down with excitement. Totally the happiest people in a desert… ever.

The excitement (AND dancing AND singing) comes from a place of really wanting to share this expedition with as many adventurous souls as possible. What an absolute pleasure it is to be be able to share the experiences of this expedition. And what an incredible opportunity to move and inspire people to get out there and explore. We are incredibly passionate about exploring Australia and Africa – so writing and having photographs published in mainstream media is a dream come true for us both.

Look out for us on the front cover in your news agency, followed by an article on the expedition and the South Coast. The PC team have pulled together a cracker on an edition. 

We will be writing for the mag as we roll along on this adventure. If you are keen to get a copy delivered to your front door just click here to subscribe.


IMG 0496

Great Ocean Road, Victoria

IMG 0536

Grampians National Park, Victoria

IMG 0552

The Balconies, Grampians National Park, Victoria

IMG 0627

Ngamadjidj Shelter with Aboriginal paintings that are approximately 20,000 years old

IMG 0722

Living outdoors every day something happens that just takes your breath away.


IMG 1106

River campsite by Lake Hindmarsh, Victoria. We had kilometres of total river front totally to ourselves. Sharing only with birds and kangaroos. Until the next day when some locals decided to park directly in front of us. Between us and the river. It seems some humans need to be studied…. we have learnt to just laugh!

IMG 1271

Wyperfield National Park, Victoria

IMG 1222

Wyperfield National Park, Victoria

IMG 0932

Mud in the desert. Fun! Little Desert National Park, Victoria

IMG 1136

Home for the night in the desert region of Victoria

We’ve been driving our way along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. We have spent a bit of time in Victoria prior to this trip already so we zoomed through and spent a couple of days chilling in the mountains overlooking Apollo Bay. We came off the ferry from Tasmania sick and tired so a little down time to recoup was needed. Hot tip: Book a cabin on the ferry, it’s worth every cent. As we found out after not booking one for our return trip.

We spent time exploring the Grampians National Park and then the deserts of Victoria called. This was our first go at driving sand. Signs threatened ‘4WD Only’ and ‘Deep Sand Ahead’.  Well the Troop and Gareth’s driving did spectacularly well! Total novice masters! So impressed with what these 4×4’s can do. Lots of fun and not stuck once. Late that afternoon watching the sun set and the full moon rise up over the desert plains with a well deserved red wine in hand was … pure gold.

We have just entered South Australia and plan to spend quite a bit of time here.



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We’ve been on the road nearly SEVEN weeks now. That’s nearly double the amount of annual holidays most Aussies get. As time goes on we are becoming more and more attuned to ‘What do we really want to get from this expedition?’

Of course there is a mammoth challenge in driving all the way from Sydney to London.

However there is no challenge in seeing beautiful things each day. And while we get a lot of joy out of seeing the World it feels like we need an additional purpose.

We already have a plan for charity. So it’s not that.

Instead, it’s more about, feeling like we are really using this special time in our lives to it’s fullest. We are living our dreams after all.

Reading. Learning. Expanding. Getting our creative ON. Writing. Photography. Being entrepreneurial.

To move our bodies. To shift into the healthiest versions of ourselves. To be and do what inspires us. 

At the end of the day if all we can say to ourselves is ‘We drove across the World’ we’ll be pretty proud. But this, Aussie Overlanders affair, is about more than that. It’s about taking life from ‘I’m fine thanks’ to ‘I’m f!!king great, thanks for asking!’.

We want to slow down the pace and find kick-arse remote camp sites to absorb as much as we can.





Running in a new place every day feels so incredible.

You. Your shoes. The thud, thud, thud. Every now and again raising your eyes off the path to puff out a ‘wow’.

Some mornings it takes a bit of grunt to get going. Other mornings we are out running effortlessly. Jogging through dried up river beds, desert tracks, along beaches, scrambling across rocks and just yesterday through the Adelaide hills. The yoga mats have crept out a few times too for some much needed stretch outs of stiff driving muscles.

Mantra: Start the day the way you wish it to continue.

Note: You run faster when not taking selfies.




IMG 1140


In Hobart we received a bundle of Just Jerky in the post from Just Jerky headquarters. I imagine a house of meat… like that Lady Gaga costume turned into a home.

Well, the official word from Gareth is ‘Yum’ + ‘Where’s that jerky?! I want some’. It’s proved perfect for stashing away as a healthier option when he’s craving a salty hit on the road.

Me? Well I’m not much of a jerky food fan unfortunately. But I did have a nibble of the Chilli and it was packed full of flavour. They also offer Original Soy.

The fact Just Jerky is Aussie owned, made from 100% Aussie beef and the business is based in my home town makes this a winner! If you are a jerky fan (or willing to be converted) check them out by clicking here and here.






Waking up with a different view outside the tent window every day + not knowing where the day will lead us + having unfixed plans + the warmer weather + bon fires in the fire pit + growing confidence in driving on sand + confidence in the Troopy to go anywhere + nicer tasting water (goodbye cruddy tasting water) + reviving hot showers + spotting a bearded dragon on the road + meeting like minded souls + being interviewed by Hema Maps for an upcoming article + full moon rises.

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That’s us all wrapped up right now.

As we head into South Australia we would love to hear in the comments below if you have any ‘You gotta go here’ recommendations.

Don’t be shy – let us know!

THANKS as always for tuning in. We both absolutely LOVE having you along for the ride in spirit. 

Now get out there + explore!



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16 thoughts on “WRAP UP {EDITION 21}

  1. Jonathan Stavdal says:

    Hi guys. I absolutely love following your adventures.

    Just wondering if you can write up a little piece on your daily meal routine.

    All the best.

    • Kate says:

      Great suggestion Jonathan. It’s amazing what you eat while camping. You can get surprisingly gourmet with next to nothing.

    • Kirsty - Aussie Overlanders says:

      Thanks Jonathan! Great to hear from you.
      We’ll definitely plan in a post on food and meal routine. How about pancakes for breakfast in the desert? That’s what happened the other morning! Usually we keep the first meal of the day quick and simple though.

      Really glad to hear you are enjoying the site. See you around the traps.

  2. Kate says:

    Hey Kirsty and G (nice to meet you).
    Loving your wrap ups and following you. D and I did a 4 week trip from Sydney to Great Ocean Road and back up thru the guts of Victoria and over the Snowy Mountains, 2 years ago in a campervan so your trip has taken us back. Did you a do a chopper ride over the apostles? Stunning! Not sure where you are now, but D would love it if you could go fishing with Fuzzy at Arno Bay for giant snapper – http://www.fuzzells-fishing.com/ffa/. We were booked in but the wind picked up and the trip was cancelled. D was bummed for the rest of our trip across the nullabor to perth. I’d definitely recommend Coffin Bay National Bay, Venus Bay and go for a morning run around the cliffs to spot the dolphins, Fowlers Bay and the sand dunes. Check out my instagram for a heap of shots I took at Kit77y or my fb. I’ll keep following you and make more suggestions as you cross the Nullabor. Are you doing Esperance, Margaret River etc? Talk soon and take care. Love your mantra too. Live it guys. Kxx

  3. Marshall says:

    Hey g an k and troops, it was great reading that post me and jules went through the same emotions i had a big smile on my face the whole way through thinking that was us to a tee. we hadnt even put our camper up or done a trail run just went for it and learnt along the way in 3 months you will look back and say why did we do it like that. You feel as if you should be doing something at every moment and exploring every day because that’s what you do every day get up go to work go home eat sleep do it all again flat out all weekend before you no it back to work again. It took us 3 months to slow the f…k right down. This is a life changing experience you won’t long at things the same again and it’s hard to go back to a Normal life what ever that is . Anyway enjoy every minute look up at the stars and smile and say how good I’d this . Can’t wait to catch up again stay safe .. Oh and I love jerky…….

  4. Marquita & Luca says:

    Following you since January.
    We are in South Australia too… maybe we can meet somewhere! What are your trip plan in SA? we are now in Gawler Range NP, tomorrow in Port Augusta and thursday afternoon in Adelaide, friday and saturday in McLaren Vale, Sunday mt Compass, Monday on our way to Melbourne via Nhill before flying to USA where we just bought xpcamper.com to travel around the Americas for the next few years.

    • Kirsty - Aussie Overlanders says:

      Hey guys! Where are you now?? Would have been great to meet up!
      Your xPCamper sounds exciting! Send us a link to some pics once you get your mits on it. Your trip sounds incredible… check out a couple called ‘Spark Your Dream’. Interesting Americas tales.

  5. Bob Kovarskis says:

    Hi Guys, sounds like you are having a Whow of a time, good to see, can’t wait until we take off later this year. The Landy is with the mechanic at the moment to bring it upto good health. Now if you guys like Jerky then you should like Biltong which you will be able to get in Sth Africa and if you are passing through Hahdorf in the Adelaide hills you will be able to buy some in the Barn next to the Hahdorf hotel. Now if you want a bit of an African fix you can call into our home in Callington which is the next town after Murray Bridge.My wife is home there but I work away and won’t be home until next Wednesday. Anyway, take care guys, enjoy the journey, luv your reports.

    • Kirsty - Aussie Overlanders says:

      Hey Bob! GREAT to hear from you.
      So you are headed to Africa! That is INCREDIBLE!! So excited for you both.

      Just catching up on replies now. But we did catch your message in Adelaide however we had already passed the Callington area – much to our annoyance!! It would have been lovely to have an African fix!

      Keep in touch! Doesn’t look like our timing will cross in Africa. But I hope it does 🙂


  6. Simon says:

    Hey Kirst & G, love the wrap-ups and your photos. I’d love to see a map showing your progress so I know whereabouts the photos are coming from!

    • Kirsty - Aussie Overlanders says:

      Thanks Sim! LOVE that you like you Wrap Ups! Woot-woot!
      Will see about this map business. Not quite sure how to sync that up.
      Most photos have the locations under them? Will try and put more locations with future pics

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