12 Reasons Why We Loved Mkulumadzi In Malawi




HELLO + WELCOME as we travel from Sydney to London, crossing the length of Africa.

It’s Kirsty behind the keyboard today and I have an extra special post for you from our time in Malawi.



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I had never heard of Mkulumadzi or Majete. Most often travellers to Malawi rave about one thing “You gotta go to the Lake!” … or they go on about Malawi’s weed, but that’s a different story.

Gareth and I wanted to experience more of Malawi than it’s lake shore. So when we flicked through our Bradt Travel Guide and found a positive write up on Majete Wildlife Reserve we wanted to get there. It described a reserve that had been prone to poachers in years gone bye, but had recently become protected and had reintroduced lions. To encourage the idea Robin Pope Safari’s Mkulumadzi invited us to stay at their luxury lodge within the park.

Plenty of you out there have told us you are planning your travels through Africa so we thought it would be useful to write up our top 12 Reasons Why We Loved Mkulumadzi.



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Here we go…


:: We arrived via a suspension bridge


IMG 6016 1


To enter the luxurious Mkulumadzi you must pass a suspension bridge that swoops over a spectacular river. It must be the most dramatic entrance to any lodge we’ve ever stayed at!


:: The seamless flow from indoors to out


IMG 6248 17


Our villa had a huge private balcony where our luxury ‘tent’ zipped open to this balcony with a view over the river. The outdoors seamlessly flows indoors. We really felt like we were amongst nature and not locked away from it.


:: The tarts


DSC06058 4


Food is food is food. Until desert was served and this macadamia tart made our day!


:: Seeing elephants from the comfort of our room


IMG 6099 7


We have always dreamt about staying in a luxury lodge in Africa that allows you to watch wildlife from your balcony. At Mkulumadzi we took an afternoon nana nap and woke to see elephants. Yes, we were still lying in bed.


:: Magnificent Roan, Nyala, Eland and Water Buck


IMG 6213 14

^ Baby water bucks with targets on their behinds

IMG 6202 1

^ My very first sighting of Roan Antelope


This is my third time travelling in Africa, and I have been lucky enough to see a lot of wildlife and parks across the continent. Surprisingly, here in Malawi, I saw animals I have never seen before. My very first Roan antelope and Nyala. And quite possibly my first Eland… but I’m not sure if a hoof counts?


:: Ponchos


DSC06094 9


This may seem a bit frivolous to LOVE a place because of their ponchos. But let’s be frank. Nothing says ‘I’m on a luxury safari in Africa’ like donning a fancy lined poncho that makes you look like the new army green Tele Tubbie.


:: Horns to write home about


IMG 6235 16


This beauty with his horns. Enough said.


:: Sundowners and night drives


DSC06114 1


Pulling over o toast the sunset with a G&T and then kicking back while our guides spotted wildlife on an evening game drive.


:: The MOST experienced guides


DSC06122 2


Fred had us at hello. He is easily one of the most experienced guides in Malawi, if not Africa, with 25+ years guiding experience. He began his career in Zambia within the first recruit of ‘black’ African guides. It was like being looked after by your very knowledgable African grandfather.


:: It’s the little things


DSC06146 1


In the two stays we have experience with Robin Pope Safaris in Malawi we loved the little things they did to make your stay special. At Pumulani and at Mkulumadzi the rooms had home baked cookies. Yum.


:: Finding This Fellow


IMG 6263 20


We found this fellow nestled behind the rear wheels of the Troopy just before we drove away. Lucky for us both we didn’t use him as a speed bump – as I’m not sure who is tougher his shell or our Troopy?


:: Bed Test tick of approval


IMG 6064 6


So, we have this tradition. As we drive the length of Africa we mix up roughing it with indulgent stays. And the moment we hit a gorgeous bed we put it through the test. It passed with flying colours.


For more information about Mkulumadzi in Malawi please take a look at Robin Pope Safaris website: www.robinpopesafaris.net/camps/mkulumadzi.php


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So, what do you reckon? Incredible right?!

Thanks as always for being here guys. As we drive from Sydney to London, through Africa, not all days are this luxurious – so we really lap it up when we can.

Also, a big thanks to Robin Pope Safaris for showing us another side to Malawi.




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