You guys have asked for some more pics of inside our rig. I took these images today and as you can see, everything is holding up real well after such a long time on the road. Enjoy!




DSC07973 1

:: A view from the ‘lounge’ to the front of the seats. Our fridge is under that small cushion.

IMG 0100 3

:: Everything in its place with our DRIFTA drawers

IMG 0106 4

:: Looking back into the car from the drivers side

IMG 0107 5

:: Our lounge room

IMG 0108 6

IMG 0109 7

:: The spare bed laid out

IMG 0110 8

IMG 0111 9

:: Our upstairs bedroom with Black Wolf sleeping bags 🙂

IMG 0114 10

IMG 0116 11

IMG 0137 23

:: Shoe storage at the bottom of the cupboards

IMG 0117 12

:: Our entire wardrobe on the top two shelves

IMG 0118 13

IMG 0119 14

IMG 0129 19

:: Curtains all round

IMG 0130 20

IMG 0131 21

:: Our centre console still looking like new

IMG 0132 22

:: I will never buy a different floor mat again. Sandgrabber is the way to go. No holes and easy to clean after over a year of hard ware on the road.



Hope you enjoyed the post. If you have any questions let us know in the comments below, or hit us up on Facebook.




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5 thoughts on “INSIDE THE RIG

  1. Andrew says:

    Great photos and I am amazed how tidy it still looks, you clearly are not travelling with kidlets !! Can you show us some photos of your cooking setup and where it is stored. Can you also show a photo from the front seats looking back with the pop top down.


  2. bob kovarskis says:

    Hi guys, havent contacted you for awhile, we are still busy travelling southward & now in Namibia. We are staying at Urban campsite Windheok. Hope Gareth is feeling better these days. If you are still in Kenya & anywhere near Nairobi can I suggest a place called Wildebeest camp langata if you want a good safe place to stay.Aussie couple built & own it. If you need a good guide for the mara let me know as we have a good masai friend (Joseph) who lives near a place called Aitong which is not far from the governors area. Anyway stay safe & happy trails.

  3. Michelle L Broussard says:

    Hi Kristy and Gareth,thanks for posting all the information.
    We are in Melbourne and are just fitting out our troopy for a big trip next year.
    I have a few questions but the immediate one is re the windows – did you make the blinds or get them made? Did you go for fly screeens as well? Are they horizontal rod security bars I can see on your windows?

    Thank you,
    0418 336 816

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