HELLO + WELCOME as we drive from Sydney to London, via the length of the African continent.

It’s Kirsty writing today.



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Today was the day we would reach the top of Africa (!!!!!!!)

… and sort arrangements to get to Europe.


Port Said was our last stop. At first glance – a big old port town made entirely of cement, Chinese clothing stores and grime; encased with the scent of fish guts.


But that wasn’t going to stop us. We had arrived at the top of Africa and we hit the streets walking North to the shoreline to dip our toes in the waters of the Mediterranean.


IMG 1486 1 1

IMG 1488 2 2

IMG 5149 22 5

IMG 5174 28 6


We thought it would be a ‘bit of a moment’ reaching the top of Africa. Perhaps we would jump into the crystal clear  Mediterranean and bask in the sun.

Here’s what happened instead…



Sometimes it really is the journey not the destination!

And in that moment, I suppose we laughed because we knew we had achieved our dream and all along had been doing just that.



IMG 5098 3 3

IMG 5102 4 4


Hilarity aside we toasted our achievement later that night with a beer and spring rolls. And took a moment to soak in how far we had come.

When we walked home* that night we gave Troopy a pat on the backside and, as per usual, gushed in awe at all he had achieved. He got us from the waters at the very bottom of the continent to the very top, in one piece. And now all we had to do is find him a way out of Africa.


IMG 5111 5 1


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Next up? It’s time to sort ourselves out and actually cross the continent!

As always, thanks for joining us guys.


Leave us a comment below. We will be listening.



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*Home…. being wherever the troopy is parked.

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