Laser cut plywood models of your favourite rig. Expertly designed and flat packed, ready for you to build.

Simply push each piece out and position into place. When you are sure everything is in the right place glue together.


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:: Mini Rigs hit the road


:: Mini Rigs are laser cut plywood models of your favourite rigs. They come flat-packed and ready for you to build.







Land Rover Mini Rigs are Sold Out!

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– Building your rig is a challenge. Allow 8hrs+

– Approx.  height of a CocaCola can

– Comes with a downloadable Basic Help Sheet

– Comes with a link to a video that demonstrates how to build the wheels

– Approx. pricing: $65 per rig + $15 per accessories pack + $9.99 postage






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Minirig land rover 90 model

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Click here to register your interest in having your fav rig made into a Mini Rig.


Once there is enough interest a model will be created. We are very keen to get a Troopy going.

Registering makes sure you are the first to know when your model is ready for pre-order.




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Q: How big is a MINI RIG?

Once built a Mini Rig is about as tall as a Coke can. Approx. 14cm tall x 25cm long x 10cm wide. The flatpacks are approx. 29cm x 28cm, with the Series 1 Accessories measuring 22cm x 28cm.

Q: What plywood is it built with?

High quality 3mm plywood. It is natural, smooth and strong. Because plywood is a processed natural product you may find imperfections. Count them as a blessing and something that makes your MINI RIG yours.

Q: Do MINI RIGS have the Land Rover / Toyota logo on them? 

No. This is not a product produced by those companies.

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Q: What do I need to build a MINI RIG?

You need wood glue suitable for plywood and a small patch of sandpaper to smooth off any disobedient edges.

Q: How do I build my MINI RIG?

Start by pressing out all the laser cut pieces. Now start assembling – just hit pause on the wood glue until you are sure everything is in the right place. We recommend keeping a Ziplock bag close by to store loose pieces in. The last thing you want is to loose a side mirror!

Q: How difficult is it to build a MINI RIG?

Let’s put it this way, it’s a challenge! Don’t buy MINI RIGS if you want a quick win. It took Gareth nearly a full day to build his first rig. Half the challenge is figuring out how all the pieces go together. He nearly threw it against the wall when he tried to assemble the tyres. So, give yourself plenty of time… preferably over a few beers over a few sunday afternoons.

Q: Does it comes with instructions?

Think of it as a puzzle. And a puzzle doesn’t come with instructions.

However because it can be tricky to build (particularly the tyres) we will email you a basic help sheet to get you started.

[/panel] [panel title=”PAYMENT + REFUND”]

Q: Why do you use PayPal?

We accept payment via PayPal because it is safe and immediate. It allows you to pay via bank transfer or credit card.

Q: I don’t have PayPal, can I still buy my MINI RIG?

Yep! You can still process your payment with your credit card as a guest. Once you click BUY NOW you will be taken to a PayPal screen. Underneath the log-in section click “Pay with a credit or debit card”.

Q: Can I do a bank transfer?

Sure. Email Kindly note we will not send your rig until funds have cleared.

Q: What’s your exchange or refund policy?

We are a MINI business ourselves right now, so it’s simply not viable to offer people exchanges or refund for a change of mind. But of course we comply with Australian Consumer Law. We play fair and expect you will too. In any situation customers will be expected to pay their own return shipping charges.

[/panel] [panel title=”SHIPPING”]

Q: Do you offer tracking on domestic shipping?

Upon request.

Q: Do you offer international shipping? 

It depends where you are. Email

[/panel] [panel title=”ORDERING MULTIPLES”]

Q: How can I order 2+ items?

Email us at and we will create a custom order for you.

Please include: Desired models, quantitates and your address.

[/panel] [panel title=”RANDOM”]

Q: I work in the media, how can I get in touch?

Please email us at We have high resolution images and PR releases ready for you. Unfortunately right now we are unable to send you sample stock.

Q: Who buys MINI RIGS?

4X4 lovers who want the challenge of building their own MINI RIG from laser cut plywood with teeny tiny (awesome) accessories.

Q: Can I buy MINI RIGS anywhere else in Australia?

No. We are the exclusive distributors and sellers. And right now we have limited stock that is set to drive itself out the door.

Q: How else can I connect with you?


Q: I have another question!

A: Email




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Mini Rigs are currently  sold out!

Click here to receive an email when they are back in stock.




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