If you will, a big drumroll please.

Just captured on film – the first time we pop our new pop-top roof.

And the first time we crawl on to the second level of our two story home, and have a lay on our new bed.

Hit play.



You can also click here to play the video in YouTube



It should be noted that we are Dopes. Capital D. It took us a good 30seconds to figure out the latch to pop the roof. Even though it is Simple. Capital S.

Now that we have had some practice it takes 0.2 seconds to unlatch.

Shortly we will have canvas sides installed, to make the roof a tent. But for now we can enjoy the open air 😉


So what do you think!?

Let us know in the comments below. We are Excited. Yep, Capital E!

This is all really happening.



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