HELLO + WELCOME to the final countdown before we, the Aussie Overlanders, realise our dream of hitting the road on an epic expedition from Sydney to London, via Africa.









You know how most big crazy dreams always fall into the ‘ONE DAY’ bucket?

“Ohh I would love to do that ONE DAY…”

Well, Gareth and I are buzzing right now. Because our one day has come.

G has worked his butt off on the vehicle. Our home on wheels. It is absolutely spectacular.

I have slaved away daily at the computer and dashed around town organising everything else that an expedition like this requires.

We have given or sold most of our worldly possessions.

Our lives now fit into the back of a Troopy.

And in ONE DAY we will be hitting the road.

Our ONE DAY has come.







Tomorrow, Saturday the 22.03.13 we will begin our epic expedition by driving across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you are around drop by Blues Point Reserve at McMahons Point overlooking the harbour from 830-10am. See the rig, say hi and wave us off – we would LOVE to see you there.


Finally, a huge THANKYOU goes out to each and every one of you who have supported us along the way throughout our preparations. We are so incredibly grateful. And we are sending a tonne of positive vibes right back at you.



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4 thoughts on “ONE DAY HAS COME

  1. Volker Koch says:

    Hi Gareth and Kirsty…what can I say? You two have put a commendable effort into preparing your journey and invested a lot of thought, time and energy into getting you and your Troopy ready.

    You took action, got out of your comfort zone, started to put your dream into practice and made that first step.

    Congratulations!!! You have completed the very hardest part of your trip!

    Everything else will be bliss! – Well, mostly 😉

    Wishing you a safe journey and always a hand’s width of air under your diff!!
    Looking forward to share your experience and travel with you in my thoughts.

    Take good care of yourselves!

    Big love,


  2. Shaun says:

    Congratulations. Your adventure looks fantastic, I hope to do something similar one day myself.

    Im sure a lot of people at overlandexpedition will be watching.

    Best of luck. Do us proud.

    -Shaun @ Melbourne.

  3. Helga (Mama Bahati) + Ernesto says:

    We enjoy your blog- lot’s of enthusiasm! It looks like we share the same philosophy regarding vehicles and equipment. Whenever you arrive in South Africa please contact us. Usually we travel several months a year in Africa in our Hummer H3, but may change to a Toyota Troopy as well.
    Use our homepage for contact.
    Helga + Ernesto

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