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Lesotho: Hairpins and Heartache

  Like the hallmark signs of the African leg of our expedition – when we headed up Sani Pass, things got hectic quickly. Lesotho is a landlocked country that sits at high altitude within the borders of South Africa. I have wanted to go there ever since I first visited the country 5-years ago. Gareth […]


  HELLO + WELCOME to the regular Wrap Up of what’s been going on as we drive from Sydney to London, via Africa in our trusty old LandCruiser. It is G here today. Lets get into it.       HEADING BACK TO THE EAST COAST   To take off from where Kirst left us […]


  HELLO + WELCOME to the final countdown before we, the Aussie Overlanders, realise our dream of hitting the road on an epic expedition from Sydney to London, via Africa.   WE DEPART TOMORROW. 23.03.13.       ONE DAY HAS COME.   You know how most big crazy dreams always fall into the ‘ONE […]

Product Test: Fire Pit From Drifta

    HELLO + WELCOME to an extra special post where we get our product testing hat on and check out some garry-good-gear.   First up is a piece of kit we want EVERYONE (especially YOU) to know about. Why? Well, because it rocks. It seriously rocks. It’s totally unqiue to the market. It will […]