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HELLO + WELCOME to an extra special post where we get our product testing hat on and check out some garry-good-gear.


First up is a piece of kit we want EVERYONE (especially YOU) to know about. Why? Well, because it rocks. It seriously rocks. It’s totally unqiue to the market. It will change where and when you can sit around a fire AND it will make everything you cook taste amazing!

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So, what is this gear and where can you get your hands on it? It’s the Snow Peak Fire Pit available in Australia only from DRIFTA.

We purchased our Fire Pit a good 6 months ago. This was well before we had met the guys at DRIFTA and way before they got behind supporting the expedition. The product is always in hot demand and so after a few months of waiting impatiently on a wait list we finally got our hands on it. Since then, we have been cooking with it and enjoying it’s firey brightness non-stop. Both when on the road and in our backyard. You might remember that we wrote about it in our very FIRST Wrap Up. Click the video below to hear about what the hell a Fire Pit is, how you set it up and just how many levels of awesome it is.



So there you have it. A rave review. The love runs so deep that RIGHT NOW we are having a custom made rear arm carrier created to house it on the 4×4. So it’s easily grab-able on our expedition across Australia and throughout Africa. It’s also worth mentioning that  a few of our friends have ordered themselves one too (since we talked their ears off about it) and they have also been converted.


Here are a few photos of our Fire Pit in action. Snow Peak Fire Pit 3


Fire Pit Aussie Overlanders


Fire Pit Salmon Aussie Overlanders


Snow Peak Fire Pit


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If you are interested to find out more head over to the DRIFTA website by clicking here.


Let us what you reckon in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.




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