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  HELLO + WELCOME as we drive  from Sydney to London. The regular ‘Wrap Up’ is our wip around of what’s been happening. It’s Kirsty here today. Let’s go!     HOMECOMING     It has been so nice to come home and see familiar faces. To give our mums a big hug. To hang […]


  HELLO + WELCOME to the regular Wrap Up of what’s been going on as we drive from Sydney to London, via Africa in our trusty old LandCruiser. It is G here today. Lets get into it.       HEADING BACK TO THE EAST COAST   To take off from where Kirst left us […]


    HELLO + WELCOME to the regular Wrap Up of what’s happening as we drive from Sydney to London, via Africa. This Wrap Up brings us from Western Australia to our last planned stop in Australia. We have since driven back to the East Coast to get our vehicle ready for shipping. However, since so […]


  HELLO + WELCOME as we roll our way from Sydney to London, via Africa. It’s Kirsty here today writing the regular Wrap Up, with Gareth ready to jump in with some Horizontal Falls and Engagement news!     120 DAYS     It’s Day 120 on the road and we are, totally, in love […]


    HELLO + WELCOME to the Wrap Up of what’s been happening as we make our way from the Sydney Harbour Bridge to London, via the East Coast of Africa. If you are new around here WELCOME! Here is all you need to know to catch up: After years of preparation we hit the road […]


  HELLO + WELCOME to the Wrap Up. Here’s what has been happening as we make our way overland from Sydney to London via Africa. Right now we are in Australia. The red hearty gut of Australia. 3G internet connection is becoming sparse as we roll along and get further away from the Eastern seaboard […]

Product Test: Fire Pit From Drifta

    HELLO + WELCOME to an extra special post where we get our product testing hat on and check out some garry-good-gear.   First up is a piece of kit we want EVERYONE (especially YOU) to know about. Why? Well, because it rocks. It seriously rocks. It’s totally unqiue to the market. It will […]


    HELLO + WELCOME as we, the Aussie Overlanders, prepare for an epic expedition from Sydney to London. Across Australia and throughout Africa. If you are new around here this is our regular wrap up where we up-date you (wonderful, wonderful YOU) on what’s been going on behind the scenes. Let’s do this!   […]

Wrap Up {Edition 12}

  HELLO + WELCOME to the Aussie Overlanders regular wrap up as we go nuts and prepare for hitting the road. Here’s what has been hapening around the traps. Let’s dive right in!     SUPPORTER ANNOUNCEMENT: DRIFTA      We are proud to announce that  DRIFTA will be supporting the Aussie Overlanders epic expedition. DRIFTA are the […]

8 Links Worth Some Loving

    HELLO + WELCOME to Links Worth Some Loving. As we prepare to drive across Australia and throughout Africa, and because we are absolute travel nutters, we come across a stack of incredible online content. Here’s a spiffy selection of what’s been captivating us lately. Go forth and click.       SAFARI – AFRICA […]