Wrap Up {Edition 12}


HELLO + WELCOME to the Aussie Overlanders regular wrap up as we go nuts and prepare for hitting the road.

Here’s what has been hapening around the traps. Let’s dive right in!


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We are proud to announce that  DRIFTA will be supporting the Aussie Overlanders epic expedition.

DRIFTA are the go to Aussie company for custom camping & trailer kitchen design and 4WD drawer systems.

They are the busiest stand at any 4WD show because their innovative craftsmanship is as tough as nuts and built with precision. We recently saw how it’s all made when we visited their factory in Gloucester, NSW. Check out the video tour by clicking here.

Luke, the owner and creator of DRIFTA, is a one off Aussie bloke who with his wife Kyomi has turned his carpentry skill and love for driftn’ into a company that employs 20+ Aussie locals.

We will be showing you what DRIFTA create in the back of the Troopy and telling you more about our partnership in the weeks to come.

One thing is for sure – we can wholeheartedly encourage you to get behind this successful Australian company and follow us along as we put their product to the ultimate test across Australia and throughout Africa.

Checkout the DRIFTA website for photos of what they create and general 4WD inspiration.



We have been getting a tonne of work done on our vehicle. And by ‘we’, we mean mostly ‘Gareth’!

Recently we paused to write it all down and get the photos up online to share with you on the

Expedition Vehicle Page.


Expedition Vehicle Page

Expedition Vehicle Page B


Click to see the full page + let us know what you reckon in the comments below!


We have hooked up our internal and external LED lights with interior switches.


Light switches

^ The switches will be fitted into the DRIFTA set up once it is complete


They are now hooked up through a Baintech fuse box we have extended the power supply to the mid-area of the vehicle. Much simpler to have just one doobie connected to the auxiliary battery than having it look like the power-lines in Thailand.


Baintech Box

 ^ Wiring in progress



Just about every other day there is a courier knocking at our door or a bulky parcel being stuffed into the letterbox.

Here is some of the bounty:

4wd post


4wd postman

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Health is fast becoming a focus as we come up to the pointy end of preparations. K went in for some blood tests to make sure everything is running A-OK and G is set to do his this week as well as the annual skin cancer check.

Health is one of the untold stories of travelling for long periods of time. Our premise is: deal with it now, so you don’t have to deal with it later.

There are a whole heap of check-ups and medical to-do’s on the WIP (click to to here to see the WIP in the last Wrap Up). Including building our first aid kit.

We would both prefer to have quality items rather than sloppy band-aids that fall off and blunt tweezers – all of which seem to be the norm in cheap AND expensive first aid boxes. Let the shopping begin!



44 days

We are planning on hitting the road early March. 44 days and counting…


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A shout out goes to one of our favourite encouragers Bonnie. She recently left this message on the Aussie Overlanders Facebook wall“Wanted to double “like”. So excited for you…what an adventure you are about to undertake!!!! Can not wait to hear all about it. Such an inspiration guys!”

Check out Bonnie’s travel blog here. It’s people like Bon who keep our fires fuelled and our hearts ablaze to hit the open open road no holds barred.


So, that’s us wrapped up.

How has your past week been? What’s on your mind?

Anything travel or overlanding related that you are curious about?

We have been getting a tonne of mail from people visiting the site. Don’t be afraid to leave your comment or question in the comments below! That way everyone can chime in and contribute.


See you next week



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