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    HELLO + WELCOME to a long-awaited post on our rig. We have been receiving a LOT of questions about our set-up. Last week we posted about the gear we love and today we post about what we could have done differently. Take it away Gareth…     First things first, we love our rig and set-up. Overall we […]


  HELLO + WELCOME to an extra special post where we would love to share with you how we intend to pay our good fortune forward. Gareth and I started this ‘Aussie Overlanders’ thing with a few intentions. One intention that is very close to our hearts is giving back when we arrive in Africa. […]


    HELLO + WELCOME to the Wrap Up of what’s been going on behind the scenes at Aussie Overlanders HQ as we prepare to head off on an epic expedition across Australia and Africa. To be honest, right now we are tired-central! We are putting in 16 hour days focused entirely on the expedition. […]


    HELLO + WELCOME to a run down of our DRIFTA 4WD fit-out.  First things first. We first heard of DRIFTA at a remote campsite in South Australia. We were camping next to an awesome young couple {Jules + Marshy} who had packed up everything and were making their way around Aus. We had […]


    HELLO + WELCOME to the Wrap Up as the Aussie Overlanders head into the final weeks of preparation before hitting the road for an epic expedition across Australia, throughout Africa and if we’re lucky all the way to Europe.   A hell of a lot has been happening over the past week.   […]

Wrap Up {Edition 15}

  HELLO + WELCOME to the regular Wrap Up of what’s been going on behind the scenes at Aussie Overlanders HQ. It is all systems GO as we head into the final few weeks before hitting the road.   Let’s dive straight on in.     SUPPORT ANNOUNCEMENT: LIFESAVER BOTTLE AUSTRALIA   We are stoked to […]


    HELLO + WELCOME as we, the Aussie Overlanders, prepare for an epic expedition from Sydney to London. Across Australia and throughout Africa. If you are new around here this is our regular wrap up where we up-date you (wonderful, wonderful YOU) on what’s been going on behind the scenes. Let’s do this!   […]

Wrap Up {Edition 13}

  HELLO + WELCOME as we count down the final 6 weeks as we prepare to jump in our 4X4 and begin a road trip of epic proportions. From Sydney to London – with a whole lot of luck! Here’s what’s been happening behind the scenes…     BOSSY FINDS THE BEST FOSTER PARENTS IN […]

Wrap Up {Edition 12}

  HELLO + WELCOME to the Aussie Overlanders regular wrap up as we go nuts and prepare for hitting the road. Here’s what has been hapening around the traps. Let’s dive right in!     SUPPORTER ANNOUNCEMENT: DRIFTA      We are proud to announce that  DRIFTA will be supporting the Aussie Overlanders epic expedition. DRIFTA are the […]

Wrap Up {Edition 11}

    HELLO + WELCOME to our first post of this brand spankin’ new year! A year that will see us uproot our lives and begin a new way of life. Living out of a 4X4. Living outdoors. Rising and falling to the sun and the moon. A year that will see us embark on […]