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    HELLO + WELCOME to  Wrap Up {Edition 34} as we make our way from Sydney to London, overland through Africa. It’s Kirsty here today for a very exciting Wrap Up. Gareth sends a big hello!       OUR RIG IS ON IT’S WAY TO AFRICA     Last week we drove the […]

Wrap Up {Edition 15}

  HELLO + WELCOME to the regular Wrap Up of what’s been going on behind the scenes at Aussie Overlanders HQ. It is all systems GO as we head into the final few weeks before hitting the road.   Let’s dive straight on in.     SUPPORT ANNOUNCEMENT: LIFESAVER BOTTLE AUSTRALIA   We are stoked to […]

Wrap Up {Edition 11}

    HELLO + WELCOME to our first post of this brand spankin’ new year! A year that will see us uproot our lives and begin a new way of life. Living out of a 4X4. Living outdoors. Rising and falling to the sun and the moon. A year that will see us embark on […]

Wrap Up {Edition 10}

  HELLO + WELCOME to the regular wrap up of what’s been going on in the World of Aussie Overlanders as we prepare to drive across Australia and throughout Africa. First of all, happy festive season to everyone! It’s that wonderfully hectic time of year where the speed of life trebles and yet the sun beckons for […]

Wrap Up {Edition 9}

  HELLO + WELCOME to the Wrap Up as we prepare to travel across Australia and through Africa in our 4X4. As the year creepily creeps up on December it feels like it’s pace has quickened. And so, the countdown begins…         100 DAYS     This Wednesday marks 100 days until […]

Wrap Up {Edition 8}

  HELLO + WELCOME to the Aussie Overlanders regular Wrap Up as we prepare for an epic expedition across Australia and throughout Africa. Can I let you in on something? For the past 4 weeks it feels like we haven’t stopped thinking, breathing and dreaming about this adventure. Everyone needs a break from (over) thinking. So, it […]


    HELLO + WELCOME Take a look around, make yourself a cuppa and settle in. Here’s whats’s been happening in the World of Aussie Overlanders as we prepare for an epic road trip across Australia and through Africa. A lot of work goes in before one heads out – as G found out in spades […]


  Surely it can’t be Wednesday already? This past week has flown by like it’s nobody’s business.   The Troopy is still in the garage – for those new to the site, we are having our Toyota Troop Carrier converted into having a pop-top roof – and it is begging to come home. And home it […]


  Hope you’re all having a cracker of a week! We would like to send out a big HELLO + WELCOME to anyone who is new to Aussie Overlanders. Especially to the awesome overlanders and 4WD lovers we met over the weekend at the Sydney 4WD and Adventure Show. We are on a bit of […]


Is it just us or is time moving monumentally fast at the moment? There are CHRISTMAS decorations popping up at the supermarket and the year ‘feels’ like it is drawing to a close. Well STOP IT World, it is only October and we all have a load more living and doing to get done in the […]