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  Surely it can’t be Wednesday already? This past week has flown by like it’s nobody’s business.   The Troopy is still in the garage – for those new to the site, we are having our Toyota Troop Carrier converted into having a pop-top roof – and it is begging to come home. And home it […]


  Hope you’re all having a cracker of a week! We would like to send out a big HELLO + WELCOME to anyone who is new to Aussie Overlanders. Especially to the awesome overlanders and 4WD lovers we met over the weekend at the Sydney 4WD and Adventure Show. We are on a bit of […]


Is it just us or is time moving monumentally fast at the moment? There are CHRISTMAS decorations popping up at the supermarket and the year ‘feels’ like it is drawing to a close. Well STOP IT World, it is only October and we all have a load more living and doing to get done in the […]


1. RIDE TO RIO   Loving… watching the start of an around the globe adventure as these dudes set off to CYCLE from L.A. to Rio 2. OLLY & LISA’S BIG TRIP   Loving… their amazing photos of overlanding through Western Australia {soon to hit Africa!}   3. NOMADIC MATT    Loving… the inspiration on […]

5 Incredible Outdoor Experiences In Tasmania

Loads of travel photos and small gems of information make for the perfect mix of inspiration at this early stage of planning our road-trip. So, last night we had a session soaking up the entire Tasmania section of photographer Steve Parish’s book The Around Australia Guide. Followed by a hunt for valuable morsels of info online. Read on […]