Hope you’re all having a cracker of a week!

We would like to send out a big HELLO + WELCOME to anyone who is new to Aussie Overlanders. Especially to the awesome overlanders and 4WD lovers we met over the weekend at the Sydney 4WD and Adventure Show.

We are on a bit of a high from the show, this glorious sunshine and runs on the beach. Life is good. Here’s what has been happening at Aussie Overlanders HQ.




Roof Conversion 1

^^ Convertible Troopy

Roof Conversion 2

^^ Gareth + Daniel talk electrics

Roof Conversion 3

^^ Troopy gutted

Roof Conversion 5

^^ Rusted up windscreen frame

Roof Conversion 6

^^ A panel beater and glass guy later… and *tadaa* all new. Plus, note the frame is now white.

Roof Conversion 7

^^ The shiny new roof. Ready to go on.




We were invited by Mulgo (the awesome guys doing our pop top roof conversion) to exhibit the Troopy half way through it’s pop-top conversion make-over at the 4WD and Adventure Show. Very exciting to see the Troopy ‘featuring’ at a show like that. To see people staring at him. Interested in him. And yes, even hopping inside him!

It was great to meet people who are planning overlanding trips and to meet the infamous Solmsy of the Africa Overland Network. To have people come along to say ‘Hi’ was quite something. Thanks for the support guys.

We met an awesome couple who are planning to drive Australia and Africa next year at approximately the same time as us. We are now hatching a hopeful plan to share a shipping container. And we are feeling very fortunate to have new people in our lives to share the lead up to the trip with (who will be going through the same stuff as we are).

Below are a few pics from the day. Thanks again to Daniel from Mulgo and Expedition Centre for asking us along to his stand. Legend.

Adventure Show

^^ Meeting Solmsy the creator of the incredible The Africa Overland Network

Image via his blog site 

IMG 4221

 ^^ Compact camper trailer via Expedition Centre, impressive that it comes with the lot for $25k

IMG 4248

 ^^ Ernie Dingo and Roothy (of 4WD Action fame)

IMG 4237

IMG 4253





Show Me The Money

^^ Image via Etsy

Recently we were asked a question that left us a little stuck for words… “If you don’t mind me asking, how much are you guys budgeting each day for the trip?” Months ago the answer to that question would have been on the tips of our tongues. Now? Things have changed. Expectations altered. Ideas shifted. In that moment I knew it was time for a refresher on our overall budget, including the daily budget. And so it was time to sit down and spend a night with an excel spreadsheet.

Our technique has been to first review what others have spent, and then to factor in our own circumstance (where we will be shipping from, insurance for our older car) and personal nuances (we are keen to mix up with bush camping and a pinch of luxury).

For anyone planning a trip (or if you are just interested!) here are a few useful resources:

– Tin Can In Africa have published a 2012 budget of crossing from Cape Town to Turkey (find it here on our Links Worth Loving Post)

– Langebaan Sunset published a 2011 budget of Europe – West – Lower East Africa

– We have had a friend provide his spend on a 2008 budget of Cape Town to Germany (feel free to contact us for that one)

It’s all circumstantial, however it’s interesting that total costs end up being in the same ballpark. Also, it’s very interesting that the maths backs up what we have thought for a long time – taking your time on the road only ever so slightly increases total trip costs and reduced daily spend. So, in terms of the budget (to some extent), it’s not how long you take but how far you drive.

The next step is to add in our Australian kms and Aussie daily costs into the budget. We are currently keeping a detailed record of pre-trip costs and once we are on the road we’ll record everything. And eventually share it to assist future overlanders.




Now that the pop-top conversion is nearly complete our efforts will shift to the interior build. Whoohoo! At this stage we have a clear idea of how we want our internal build to be.

We’ve been dreaming about it for the past 4 years! It’s something we REALLY want to get ‘right’, we want our little home on wheels to be comfortable, well-organised and seamless susan.

Keep your eye on the blog as we will post an ‘interior inspiration board’ soon.




Aussie Overlanders Instagram 01


Above is a ‘postcard’ from a morning run, as published in our Instagram series: Start The Day The Way You Wish It To Continue.

It’s all about starting each day off on the best foot so that the day, that you desire, ensues. We are instagramming over this way. Our user name? @aussieoverlanders

Aussie Overlanders Yellow Divider

So, that’s where we are at right now.

A 4WD show, a new roof and nearly a new bed, a rehash of a budget and a dash of excitement for building the interior of the vehicle.

How has your week been? Say ‘Hi!’ in the comments below. We would love it.


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3 thoughts on “WRAP UP {EDITION 4}

  1. Pieter Immelman says:

    I am following your preparations with big interest. Hope to get a update soon.

    We are from South Africa an plan to do the trip north after retirement in a few years time.

    I also like the Troopy plan and see you are also following Jeroen’s ideas.

    When you get close to Cape Town you can make contact with us and stay over if you like.

    Good luck

    Pieter & Magriet

    • Kirsty - Aussie Overlanders says:

      Hi Pieter! Thanks so much for getting in touch + for coming by the website often.

      That is SO exciting about your big trip in a few years. At this stage are you thinking east coast or west coast? Do you have a 4×4 or will you be buying one?

      Yes, the Travel Maniacs Troopy is amazing! But we got our initial inspiration from a few other sites. And we have been sketching our dream layout since 2008 when we first met! There is a site called http://www.o-r-b.ch in Switzerland that is packed to the brim of ideas. And then just last week we came across Jeroen’s layout.

      Thanks SO much for the generous offer to stay over when we get to Cape Town. We do have a couple of friends in CT but it would be great to meet when we are there!

      Stay in touch!

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