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  HELLO + WELCOME as we drive from Sydney to London across Africa.   Today brings a very special post as we write the story of crossing Africa by car! It’s Kirsty writing today – with Gareth chiming in.     After nine months driving the length of Africa we were about to drive to […]


  HELLO + WELCOME as we attempt to drive from Sydney to London, via Africa. It’s Kirsty writing today about overlanding Egypt and seeing the ocean for the first time since South Africa.     While sweating buckets in Luxor and seeing more antiquities than either of us had the patience for, we spent our […]


HELLO + WELCOME guys! We thought it was about time to do a WRAP UP of whats happening. Since our  first Wrap Up in Africa we have travelled 19 000+ kms and we are just about to hit our 5th month in the continent. All up we have driven across Australia, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, […]


  As we drive from Sydney to London, via Africa, we are sharing our expedition with you. Feel free to read on and say ‘Hi’ in the comments below. In our most recent blog post we wrote about entering the Kalahari, here we write about our experience as we headed deeper into the park. Fresh […]

KALAHARI DESERT {Part 1: Kgalagadi Lodge}

    If you think of the Kalahari Desert, what comes to mind? For Gareth and I it brings visions of heat, lions and sandy dunes. Two of these were waiting for us as we headed towards the park.     Our story begins in Uppington in South Africa. We waited it out here for […]


  HELLO + WELCOME  to the Aussie Overlanders Wrap Up {Edition 37} where we let you know what’s been going on as we make our way from Sydney to London, overland through the guts of Africa. I read on my FaceBook feed recently that “apparently” it’s too late to wish each other a happy new year, […]


  About 6 years ago I came across The African Overland Network website and it helped change the path of my life. At the time I had been living in Cape Town and by pure serendipity met a friend of a friend who was about to start driving his Land Rover from South Africa to Germany, right through […]

8 Links Worth Some Loving

    HELLO + WELCOME to Links Worth Some Loving. As we prepare to drive across Australia and throughout Africa, and because we are absolute travel nutters, we come across a stack of incredible online content. Here’s a spiffy selection of what’s been captivating us lately. Go forth and click.       SAFARI – AFRICA […]

6 Links Worth Some Loving

1. ARB ON INSTAGRAM     LOVING… the photo stream that is pimpin’ up our Instagram feed with 4X4’ness   2. NINGALOO STATION     LOVING… imagining floating along thee blue waves in a kayak, ahhh aqua heaven. We’ll be there in months time, many months. It’s images like this that keep you putting in […]

Africa Travel Inspiration: Namibia D707

  HELLO + WELCOME to a special post, featuring some hot-off-the-press photos that have just landed from K’s good South African mates who just ducked up to Namibia for a couple of weeks. Could you imagine being able to head somewhere so exotic for a handful of weeks. Incredible.   What’s more incredible are these photos […]