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  About 6 years ago I came across The African Overland Network website and it helped change the path of my life. At the time I had been living in Cape Town and by pure serendipity met a friend of a friend who was about to start driving his Land Rover from South Africa to Germany, right through […]

8 Links Worth Some Loving

    HELLO + WELCOME to Links Worth Some Loving. As we prepare to drive across Australia and throughout Africa, and because we are absolute travel nutters, we come across a stack of incredible online content. Here’s a spiffy selection of what’s been captivating us lately. Go forth and click.       SAFARI – AFRICA […]

6 Links Worth Some Loving

1. ARB ON INSTAGRAM     LOVING… the photo stream that is pimpin’ up our Instagram feed with 4X4’ness   2. NINGALOO STATION     LOVING… imagining floating along thee blue waves in a kayak, ahhh aqua heaven. We’ll be there in months time, many months. It’s images like this that keep you putting in […]

5 Links Worth Some Loving

  As we prepare for this expedition we come across a hellovalot of links that help us along the way. Here are some that have been sticking out lately. Get clickin’ + share your own Links Worth Some Loving in the comments below.     1. AUSTRALIAN GEOGRAPHIC     Loving… a snapshot of the top […]

6 Links Worth Some Loving

1. THE AFRICA OVERLAND NETWORK Loving… how Africa Overland Network brings together the (delightfully insane) overland community.  2. TRAVEL MANIACS Loving… this step by step photo blog of Travel Maniacs Troopy Conversion and interior build. This is VERY close to what we want to do with our 4X4. Inspiration to the max.   3. WOMEN ON WHEELS […]


1. RIDE TO RIO   Loving… watching the start of an around the globe adventure as these dudes set off to CYCLE from L.A. to Rio 2. OLLY & LISA’S BIG TRIP   Loving… their amazing photos of overlanding through Western Australia {soon to hit Africa!}   3. NOMADIC MATT    Loving… the inspiration on […]