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Africa Travel Inspiration: Namibia D707

  HELLO + WELCOME to a special post, featuring some hot-off-the-press photos that have just landed from K’s good South African mates who just ducked up to Namibia for a couple of weeks. Could you imagine being able to head somewhere so exotic for a handful of weeks. Incredible.   What’s more incredible are these photos […]

The Minimalise And Make $2000 CHALLENGE

  HELLO + WELCOME to an almighty post on scaling life back, selling  STUFF you don’t need and making $$$. Dollars to re-invest in experiences that enrich your life. Sound good? Let’s go!   To kick off. A question. Take a look around you. What do you see?     I SEE STUFF   Whether you […]


  The challenge? To design + execute an awesome, liveable, mobile home from our 1989 Toyota Troop Carrier. We’ll be working with a 5m³ living quarters and we must design it to get us to where we need to be and to sustain us in remote areas. In our home on wheels our aim is to […]