The Minimalise And Make $2000 CHALLENGE


HELLO + WELCOME to an almighty post on scaling life back, selling  STUFF you don’t need and making $$$. Dollars to re-invest in experiences that enrich your life.

Sound good? Let’s go!


To kick off. A question.

Take a look around you. What do you see?






Whether you are at work or at home, chances are you are surrounded with plenty of STUFF.


STUFF that you don’t need. STUFF that makes life feel clunky. Slow. And, bloated. Some people like their life padded with STUFF. Most of us don’t, but it just accidentally turns up. Me? It makes life feel suffocated and wasteful.


This thought also happens: ‘I have hand picked each and every one of those things to have a spot in my life’… how, insane. I know that is a little out there. But when you get to think about how much clutter we fill our lives with I reckon we have all been whacked with a bit of whacko.


And by ‘we’ I mean all of us.





Stuff off


You and I deserve better than a life spent suffocated in STUFF. And so, we must tell stuff to ‘Stuff off’. (‘Stuff off’ is French,  ahhem Australian, for ‘Go away’)


Personally, Gareth + I,  leave our home in less than 4 months to live out of a car for over a year. We’ll then proceed to drive across Australia and throughout Africa. Not much room for STUFF. When we pack up we are determined to keep only what absolutely matters. We are unsure where we will eventually land. And so are not prepared to have a load of STUFF sucking away and yanking at our freedom.


Getting rid of our STUFF is an an almighty yet simple process. And some of you have let us know that you are interested in how we are going about it.




Let it go

The thing is, you don’t need to be doing something as drastic as moving into a 2 x 3 metre home on wheels to benefit from a little scaling back.


We can all thrive in the feeling of a simplified life. That feeling that comes from scaling back and walking a little lighter. That feeling of being organised and on top of things.  We can all benefit in making space for quality to enter our Worlds.


Need more convincing? These chicks can say it 1000 times better than I.


I highly recommend bookmarking this 20min video that gives the low down on how STUFF is sucking the World from both ends,  reading Danielle LaPorte’s short sharp words on ‘Making Space For Quality To Turn Up In Your Life’ here, and taking a moment with Sarah Wilson who inspires in this space. Greatly.


I share this with you because I would LOVE for YOU to join the challenge.






Let’s do it together. Let’s lighten our loads. Let’s make some cash. Whoo, yeah boy!


Let’s minimise and re-focus on filling our lives with what matters – experiences that give rise to joy, rather than possessions.


Are you in?




5 steps


Step 1: ONE

1 Room. 1 Hour. Ready. Set. GO.


Step 2: DIVIDE

Divide STUFF into the following boxes: Keep. Could Keep. Give. Sell. Sort. Chuck.



Put ‘Could Keep’ box into ‘Give Box’ or ‘Sell Box’. We shoulda got rid of it a long time ago!


Step 4: ACTION

Give: Hot foot it to a charity bin. Post on and have someone collect it within hours. Or, put it straight into the car boot ready for gifting.

Sell: Ebay obviously rocks, as does Gumtree – just be savvy with Gumtree’s scummy scammers by only doing transactions face to face. And my word of advice is not to post your phone number. Do it quick and smart.

Sort: This step is for the bills that haven’t been filed, the DVDs that have crept out of their official cases, paperwork, yadda yadda.

Chuck: Bin it, baby!



And you’re done. Wipe that sweaty brow and get ready to re-invest your newly found $$.



WHY THE $2000?





It’s not money for money sake. It’s called motivation.


For us, we’ll be taking that money and re-investing it straight into an EXPERIENCE. That makes life (and the trip) sweeter.


For us, that money will be directed towards …

>>> Tracking  Gorillas in Rwanda $750 pp

>>> Sunrise Hot Air Baloon Ride across Massai Mara African Plains $500 pp

>>> Diving with Whale Sharks off Western Australia $380 pp

>>> Ayres Rock Sounds Of Silence Dinner $338 pc

>>>Total: $1968


Imagining these awesome experiences while shedding stuff will make the ride a little more fun. And do-able.


So. Set your $ goal + set what you will re-invest the money in to make life a little sweeter.




Let us know if you are going to jump on board the challenge! I, totally, double dare you.


Take a think. A quick one. And then dive straight in. Tell everyone what you will be de-cluttering.  Your $$ goal. And what you want to re-invest that in.


Tell everyone in the comments section below.


It could be as simple as de-cluttering your workspace. It could be finally attacking your garage and hoping to make $300 for a fancy dinner out. It could be a total uprising of your home, with the goal of $5000 for a trip to Fiji you previously ‘could not afford’.


We have already had a few people raise their hands to join in – and that is really exciting!




As with all things Aussie Overlanders we like to show you ‘behind the scenes’.


So, for the next 4 weeks we will take you along on The ‘Minimalise and Make $2000 Challenge’ with us.


Check back to the blog or like us on facebook for updates on how we, and others, are tracking.





There is no failure in this.

If you de-clutter just one area of your home or your life – you will walk a little lighter. And that, dear randy reader, is success.

Good Luck.

See you in the comments below.


Ready. Set. GO.



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