Surely it can’t be Wednesday already? This past week has flown by like it’s nobody’s business.


The Troopy is still in the garage – for those new to the site, we are having our Toyota Troop Carrier converted into having a pop-top roof – and it is begging to come home. And home it will come, as soon as ‘the canvas guy’ custom makes our material for the tent.

As we prepare for our 365 day adventure, here’s what has been going on.

We hope you enjoy the read.





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It’s time to get serious about our internal build.


First decision? We have chosen to have a crack at it ourselves. The cost of getting an internal build done ‘professionally’ is astronomical ($5000+) and we have a sneaking suspicion we will by really proud of ourselves if we can pull it off.


While Kirsty has been daydreaming of enrolling in carpentry courses and buying a jigsaw, Gareth has been doing ‘actual work’ by pulling together our ideas into sketches. We have also been scouring the web for sources of inspiration. Keep an eye out tomorrow as we will be posting our inspiration board of images.


Meanwhile, we’ve been chatting to the incredible Travel Maniacs who did their own internal build and quite frankly did an INCREDIBLE job. Their build is very close to the layout we have been imagining. Plus, they have put up online the first set of step-by-step photos we have laid our eyes on. We’ve been asking them loads of questions (particularly about dimensions) and they have very kindly been helping us out as they bump along the road through Morocco. They were quite shocked that Aussies were following their journey through West and East Africa.




Image found here 

In secret, exclusive, just-in news we have something VERY exciting brewing. All will be revealed in good time. But we just wanted to let you know that we have been pinging off the walls with huge smiles on our dials…. as soon as we can share, we will.



Aussie Overlanders 2


This weekend marks our anniversary. Four years ago we stumbled across each other in Miraflores, Peru and continued on travelling with each other for weeks throughout South America. We continue to travel with each other – on the road and in life. Four years and never a cross word, hey babe?


To celebrate we are headed outdoors for a night under the stars with a fancy bottle of bubbly. If anyone has any recommendations for a quiet campsite within an hour or two from Sydney please let us know in the comments below. We are thinking we might head North for a change.



Aussie Overlanders South Australia Postcard

As the sun set on a steaming hot Australian summers day, the light danced across the bush camp and poppies reached up to feel it’s last warmth. We stood around dumbstruck by the quiet. Kangaroos thumped past and a brown snake slivered away. We caught our breath.

– Photo by Gareth, Words by Kirsty


Late last year we hit the road for a few weeks to explore this extraordinary country of ours. The above image has wedged it’s way into our hearts and minds. Shot in Burrabogie Reserve, Central West NSW, Australia.




That’s us! Onwards we march with our fingers crossed that we will be able to take the Troopy camping this weekend.

How about you, you extraordinary soul? What’s been going on in your World? The people visiting our site are continually increasing and we would love to hear from you. Leave us a ‘Hi’ in the comments below… whydontcha



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7 thoughts on “WRAP UP {EDITION 5}

  1. Meakan says:

    Hey guys,
    Me and my partner have had a troopy for about 4 or so months. We are planning on travelling around aus next year for hopefully 12 months or more. Who knows, we might go and never come back!
    Just stumbled across this page on Pinterest – trying to get some ideas on the best way to do out our troopy into a liveable camper..

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