HELLO + WELCOME to a run down of our DRIFTA 4WD fit-out. 

First things first. We first heard of DRIFTA at a remote campsite in South Australia. We were camping next to an awesome young couple {Jules + Marshy} who had packed up everything and were making their way around Aus. We had great chats about our dreams to kit out our own 4WD and they mentioned DRIFTA. They said they made really impressive 4WD storage and cool kitchens.

Fast-forward to 2013 and the dream has become a reality.

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We worked with DRIFTA to create a custom design for our expedition vehicle. And we recently headed up to the factory to spend some time with the DRIFTA guys to see how they had transformed the back of the Troopy.


We now have the Troopy home and have gone all  paparazzi on it’s bumper.

Take a look at the photos below and let us know what you reckon.

+ Under the photos we give you the thinking on what everything is and how it functions. 


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One of our first choices in transforming the Troopy was converting it into a pop-top roof in order to be able to access everything easily and to be able to sit/stand in the rear. Like a tiny home.

And so the custom fit-out needed to deliver on that initial idea of access and option to hop inside. A little indoors space for an outdoors life.



Here’s what the photos above are showing:

– Drawer system storage on the right with laminated work space at top.

– Bench seat on the left with a pull out table, drawer and kitchen. The table can be completely removed and has legs tucked underneath. The drawer/kitchen has legs. It can be pulled out half way, half way and cooked on with one set of legs to support it, or completely removed with two sets of legs to support it.

– The bench seat will soon be covered with comfy cushions and form our ‘lounge’ (note the inverted commas!) and allow us to sleep with the roof down.

– A flip-up bed can be erected to cover the hallway. We already have a bed in our pop-top. However this will be our emergency bed and enable us to sleep inside the vehicle with the roof down if we encounter A SITUATION.  i.e. extremely bad weather or a dodgy place.

– Removable covers over the wheel arches that provide excellent stuffing space.

– A cavity at the rear of the drivers seat where we will mount electrics and stow tools.

– On the bottom right we have some open cavities to stow shoes and miscellaneous.


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The DRIFTA guys have done themselves proud and we are very grateful for their support.

They are a 100% Aussie company and they have told us they are stoked to be supporting “YOUNG AUSSIES HAVING A GO”.

If you are considering a fit-out or a camp kitchen we encourage you to get on to their website { www.drifta.com.au} or give them a call. Make sure you let them know you saw the Aussie Overlanders fit-out!

Check out their Aussie factory here: http://youtu.be/rL4ItIbxNm8


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So, that’s that. We are looking forward to putting their handiwork to the ultimate bashing across 3 continents!

What do YOU reckon? Let us know in the comments below.



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7 thoughts on “OUR 4WD FIT-OUT

  1. craig says:

    Very lani (Lani = smart/classy) as we would say in Africa. When you get to Cape Town I want a coffee off that stove please….

  2. Deanna says:

    This looks amazing! I’m so glad we met you two in Nepal and get to hear all about this journey. Lee and I will be following your blog and really look forward to soaking up the inspiration from your adventure. The vehicle looks like it will make a comfy cozy home. Good luck with all your preparations!

    • Kirsty - Aussie Overlanders says:

      Deanna – you and Lee are a huge inspiration to us. Who else do we know that run ULTRAmarathons. Ahh, that would be… no-one!
      We feel very lucky to have met you. And I’m am certain our paths will cross again.
      Thank you for your enthusiastic words + we hope we can deliver the good vibes in bucket loads

  3. Chris says:

    Mind if I ask what the fitout cost from Drifta ? I can supply the troopy, but could not afford 30 grand for fit out. ( my wife and I are looking to do the same as you two { we are in our 50s !]
    do you have closer pics ? or can I get your layout plan from Drifta ?



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