The Most Beautiful Road In Namibia: The D707




HELLO + WELCOME as we drive from Sydney to London, via Africa. As we roll we are sharing our expedition with you. Feel free to give us a yell in the comments below.


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About a year or so ago my mate Craig, in Cape Town, emailed us a few photos of his trip along the D707 in Namibia. Sitting at my desk in Sydney, I thought they were absolutely stunning and the track made it’s way onto our ‘Gotta Go There’ list.


Last week we drove the road leading North and it was even more beautiful in real life. To the West were mountains and to the East dramatic sand dunes. Wild Gemsbok, with warrior like painted faces, lined the track and broke out into a fast run as we approached in the Troopy.

We didn’t pass one car the entire way.

Here’s what we saw.


IMG 1906 1

IMG 1910 2

IMG 1914 3

IMG 1930 4

IMG 1989 6

IMG 1954 5

IMG 1992 7

IMG 1996 8

IMG 2012 9

IMG 2021 10

IMG 2084 11

DSC02245 12

IMG 2236 22

IMG 2175 16

IMG 2165 14

IMG 2219 20

IMG 2183 17

IMG 2207 21





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Stunning right!? Give us a shout in the comments below.

Oh, and keep your eye on the blog as from here we continue North for a week of luxury and a week of dusty roads.

As always, thanks for joining the expedition in spirit! We love having you along for the ride




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2 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Road In Namibia: The D707

  1. Dennis says:

    Wonderful pics. I drove the d707 about two years ago and will drive it again on our trip back from Eupupa Falls in June/July 2014. Along the edge of the great sand desert with red dunes on one side and rocky hills on the other. I heartily recommend the route to all.

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