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HELLO + WELCOME as we drive from Sydney to London, via Africa. As we roll we will be sharing our experience with you. Feel free to dive on in and to leave us a comment below.


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We drove North from the  D707 track and headed towards Namibia’s Capital to get a few things sorted and to indulge in  luxury at The Olive Exclusive.

Along the way we pulled in to Sesriem – the base for exploring Nambia’s most famous tourist attractions. Including the sand dunes of Namib Nukulft National Park and the trees of the Deadvlei.

We visited the area a few years ago. It was never in our plans to see it again, however something drew us back. Sitting at sunset on top of Dune 45 we both felt so grateful we made the decision to come. Being here again without a single other tourist in sight and with our own car gave us both an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. The sun fell and the colours of the earth shifted below, we whispered words: We’re doing what we said we would. We’ve made our dream a reality. I can’t believe we’re here. This has got to be one of the most magnificent views in the whole World.

All this soul speak soon got smashed with fun as we ran down the side of the dune and plummeted hundreds of metres.


IMG 2275 1

^ The Troopy stands waiting below the dunes

IMG 2326 2

^ G takes in the endless desert

IMG 2367 3

^ As the sun sets the colours of the earth shift


^ With Bradt Guide in hand

IMG 2377 4

^ Plummeting down the dunes. SO.MUCH.FUN.

IMG 2503 5

^ Resting under a tree of the Deadvlei. Many people mistakenly say the trees have been ‘petrified’ – when in fact they have been burnt to a crisp as a river has retreated. And there they have stood for 500-years



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Want to read more? From here we rolled North to Namibia’s capital to celebrate Gareth’s birthday. Hit refresh for tomorrow’s post.

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