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HELLO + WELCOME as we roll from Sydney to London, via Africa. As we go we will be sharing our experience with you. Feel free to dive on in and say ‘Hi’ in the comments below.


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Driving North from the dunes of Namib-Nukluft National Park we headed towards Namibia’s capital Windhoek. We were welcomed to the city by more people and traffic lights than we had seen in weeks. Gareth’s Birthday was just around the corner and lucky for us so was The Olive Exclusive – a boutique hotel a few minutes from the heart of Windhoek. So, we made a point of it to indulge and celebrate G’s special day.

From the moment we arrived until the moment we left we were floating on cloud nine. That’s 48-hours of floating!  On arrival we were shown around our suite – Etosha Suite, for those planning a trip. The intro went a little like this… Here’s your mammoth bed, plunge pool, computer, pool towels and sunscreen, luxurious lotions and potions, complimentary port and shandy. Soon enough we plunged into our pool and breathed in the moment looking over the olive grove below.


IMG 2649 6

^ Our little tradition: Bed Check!

IMG 2701 10

^ Plunging into our private pool;  springbok overseer


You know those types of hotels that accost you with signs of what not to do? The signs that practically tell you how to wipe your own arse? Well, this is not one of those places. We spotted just one sign and it was more than welcomed! It told us that the drinks and snacks in the mini-bar were priced to match the local bar prices. No extorting guests here. A very nice touch.

What I loved most about our stay is how inspired it left us both feeling. The interior design here is off the hook; and by that I mean it is seriously stunning. Metallic buck horns, green succulents, crochet, rustic wood, buddha statues, life size photography works. On paper it might not sound like it works, but it absolutely does and it’s absolutely inspired. Each suite is individually themed and decorated. I took plenty of photos to set the standard for how I want our house decorated – once we eventually move out of our home on wheels and acquire a Platinum Amex!


IMG 2662 7

^ Interior inspiration

IMG 2676 9

^ The deck overlooking the olive grove below

IMG 2872 21

^ Interior Inspo

IMG 2759 8

^ Windhoek sunsets

IMG 2851 18

^ Port and Shandy on the house

IMG 2750 7

^ Ready to move in…



We chatted with the owners and shared hearty laughs – it’s remarkable what they have been able to create in the city. Because we didn’t feel like we were in a city at all.

Ohh, and just before I wrap this up, Gareth would like me to mention the delicious food! Which means something, trust me, as he’s a bit of a critic. But he’s right. My favourite meal of the trip so far was eaten here – the prawn and artichoke gnocchi. Absolutely mouth watering.



DSC02386 14

^ G’s birthday dinner treat

DSC02394 15

^ Oysters three ways

IMG 2864 20

^ The morning after celebrating; this platter was followed by a made to order cooked breakfast


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So, in case you are slow on the up-take, that’s a triple thumbs up from us. The Olive Exclusive was the perfect place for us to indulge in the city and to celebrate Gareth’s birthday. We would recommend it for others to do just that or to kick off an incredible Namibian holiday (or honeymoon!).

If you have landed on this page searching for a place to stay in Windhoek – you have found it – bookmark The Olive Exclusive here or by visiting them of Facebook.




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Full Disclosure: We were hosted as guests of The Olive Exclusive, all opinions are our own.

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